BLACK & GOLD Ultrasonic Facial Cleansing Brush


Ultrasonic Facial Cleansing Brush Pore Cleanser Electric Face Cleansing Brush Wireless Skin Face Massager Blackhead cleansing

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DELUXE – BLACK and GOLD Electric Face Cleansing Brush Wireless Skin Face Massager Blackhead Cleanser

This is a really stylish model. Luxury indeed super Black and Gold with colour-coded strength mode effect.

Electric Face Cleansing Brush Wireless Skin Face Massager Blackhead Cleanser

Red light: also known as bioactive light, red light with a wavelength of 635nm

has high purity, strong light source and uniform energy density

The characteristics of the skincare, health care treatment are remarkable.

Electronic Face Wash

Electronic Face Wash

Red light enhances the activity of cells Enter the cell metabolism, make the skin secrete collagen and fibrous tissue to fill oneself. Red light is quite comfortable. All kinds of skin, can promote blood circulation, make degen regeneration, make skin smoother, change, Good meat skin

dryness and marking therapy.


Electronic Face Wash

Blue light: treatment of acne, with a wavelength of 415nm, has the effect of rapidly inhibiting inflammation. In the course of the formation of sores, It’s

mainly propionate and the blue light can do without damage to the skin tissue Effectively destroy the bacteria, minimize the formation of acne

and cause inflammation in a short period of time. Acne vulgaris significantly reduced and healed. Suitable for acuity, oily and acne skin, can reduce

acne on the skin. The bacillus is used to remove acne, to promote the synthesis of protein and collagen, and to activate the skin and to tighten any loose skin and the reduce thread veins


Blue-ray irradiates the point of the printing hall, has the calming effect can make the body and The expression relaxes the skin and reduces any pain and redness, increases good blood flow, to increases the curative effect.

Green light: green light with a wavelength of 560nm, which is mainly used to control the secretion of oil, improve the sensitivity of the skin and tighten the area.

Electronic Face Wash